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HBMS 7th Grade Students Conclude Integrative Study on Ebola at CDC

November 5, 2014. Roswell, GA.  The Holcomb Bridge Middle School (HBMS) 7th grade class recently concluded an integrative study on the Ebola virus with a field trip to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention Museum and Fernbank Museum of Natural History in Atlanta.  Teachers worked hard to deliver a relevant and rigorous set of cross-curricular lessons for the students, using the current events around Ebola as a platform to make it real.

Led by a teaching team of Pam Wright (language arts), Dwayne Gregory (social studies), Melanie McCollum (science) and Alexis Farmer (math), the students engaged in an intense and carefully coordinated set of lessons. In language arts, students read the non-fiction book The Hot Zone by Richard Preston; in social studies, students explored Africa and wrote a position paper on the history of health issues and the influence of government and politics on diseases like AIDS and Ebola. Science activities included creating public health posters on Ebola, simulating how viruses can spread, and completing contact tracing to determine the source of the virus outbreaks. Math classes examined similarities and differences between viruses and bacteria and how they affect living cells.

The segment concluded with a field trip to the museum at the CDC1 where several students tried on hazmat suits, learned the steps for preventing contamination, and explored the history of the CDC and the role it plays in today’s world.  In parallel, students were also able to visit the Fernbank Natural History museum.

“People of any age learn better when the subject is relevant to their lives, and they understand how it affects them personally,” said Pam Wright. “By weaving the topic through all core courses, we hoped to provide a learning opportunity that will have a lasting impact on our students.”

According to one student, the objective was accomplished. “It was really interesting learning about Ebola in a lot of different ways, such as using hands-on science experiments, in addition to reading the book.  And, we were pretty fortunate to go to the CDC museum when this is such an important issue we’re facing.”  Principal Chris Shearer agreed.  “Since coming to HBMS this year, I have been very impressed with the passion, creativity and enthusiasm of our teachers.  Our teaching team led this cross-curricular segment from ideation through execution. I look forward to seeing what they come up with next.”

Holcomb Bridge Middle School—a school of global classrooms—is located at 2700 Holcomb Bridge Road, Alpharetta, GA. The school has received numerous distinctions, including the prestigious designation of Georgia National Lighthouse School to Watch for being a high-performing school that is academically excellent, developmentally responsive and socially equitable. Holcomb Bridge is also a Georgia School of Excellence and a Distinguished Title I School.

1The CDC museum is located at a campus some distance from the actual CDC lab facilities and Emory hospital, where Ebola patients have received treatment.

Information about attached photos:

  1. HBMS students visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention museum.
  2. Student Joey Lopez helps student Nicole Allario put on a hazmat suit.
  3. Student Will McCall gets an up close look at the hazmat suit of student Elijah Kirby.
  4. Left to right:  Marley Rusden, Bea Lee and Summer Stockard in Melanie McCollum’s science class share their public awareness poster on Ebola.

1-CDC VIsit2-Hazmat suit on3-Hazmat suit4-science poster

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Amanda Hayes
Holcomb Bridge Middle School PTA
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HBMS 8th Grade Chorus Honors Servicemen and Women at 9/11 Memorial

September 16, 2014. Roswell, GA. The Holcomb Bridge Middle School (HBMS) 8th grade chorus sang at the “Roswell Remembers” 9/11 Memorial Ceremony, held at the Roswell City Hall on Thursday, September 11. In attendance were members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, members of the American Legion Post, the U.S. Coast Guard Pipe Band (Atlanta Detachment Contingent), the Joint Service Honor Guard, members of the Roswell fire and police departments, and members of the City of Roswell and Roswell Rotary Club. Remarks were made by Georgia State Senator John Albers, City of Roswell Fire Chief Ricky Burnette and other local dignitaries.

“We are honored and humbled to participate in this important ceremony,” said Susan Marsico, Chorus teacher at HBMS. “These students were babies when 9/11 happened. We will never forget 9/11—and it is up to us to ensure future generations do not either,” said Marsico.

Following a moving performance by the award-winning Atlanta Contingent U.S. Coast Guard Pipe Band, 8th grade student Marianne Lamarche read aloud a poem she authored to honor the brave service men and women, entitled “For Me” (text included below). The chorus then performed several patriotic songs, prepared especially for the event. After the event concluded, 8th graders learned about the “Faces of War” Memorial that honors all of our brave American heroes.

Holcomb Bridge Middle School—a school of global classrooms—is located at 2700 Holcomb Bridge Road, Alpharetta, GA. The school has received numerous distinctions, including the prestigious designation of Georgia National Lighthouse School to Watch for being a high-performing school that is academically excellent, developmentally responsive and socially equitable. Holcomb Bridge is also a Georgia School of Excellence and a Distinguished Title I School.  

For Me
By Marianne Lamarche

For me,
You sacrifice your life every day.
You race into a raging fire,
You fight your way through a violent crowd,
You give everything you have to save a life,
For me.
For me,
You let go of everything you need.
Your daughter, she hasn’t seen you since last Tuesday,
Because you’ve been busy fighting for the life of another man’s little girl.
Your wife, she cries in bed worrying about you,
You’re always on her mind.
But you find it in you and stay strong,
For me.
For me,
You wake up at dusk
Long before the sun begins to shine off the morning grass
And put on your uniform,
Never knowing if you’ll come home that night.
To you,
It doesn’t matter how old I am,
If I’m a girl or a boy,
If I’m American or not.
You care about me.
I wonder how you do it.
I wonder how a human being can be that amazing,
That selfless,
That kind,
That courageous.
You are my hero;
You are the reason I wake up and feel safe every day.
Thank you infinitely.
From me, from everyone in the United States.
Thank you for everything you’ve given up
For your friends and family,
For strangers you’ve never met,
For our nation,
And for me.

For more information, please contact:
Amanda Hayes
Holcomb Bridge Middle School PTA
PR Chair

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Looking for Sponsors for the 2014 Hustle 5K

Holcomb Bridge Middle School (HBMS) PTA is hosting its fourth annual Holcomb Bridge Hustle 5K on Saturday, November 15, 2014. This event is the PTA’s primary fundraiser for the year with a goal to raise over $10,000 to support school-wide academic enrichment programs. While the main purpose of the Holcomb Bridge Hustle is to raise funds for HBMS, it also serves as a fun, community event promoting the importance of health and wellness.

Over 500 participants from the Greater Atlanta area including runners, walkers and assisted-athletes of all ages and levels are expected to participate. We are excited to offer again this year the opportunity of a unique race experience for assisted-athletes through our partnership with The Kyle Pease Foundation. The race will debut a new course this year along Scott Road with the start and finish lines at Centennial High School. Post-race festivities will include food, beverages, DJ, corporate sponsor tables, an awards ceremony and more.

The HBMS PTA invites you to join us as a business sponsor and be a part of the Holcomb Bridge Hustle. Please refer to the linked sponsorship document that provides more details about the event, sponsorship levels and benefits. The HBMS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and contributions are tax deductible as allowed by law. We value your commitment to our school and community and greatly appreciate your support. The HBMS PTA strongly believes that by collaborating with locals businesses that this event will continue to be successful for HBMS and the Roswell community.

For more information, please contact Susie Wall, 678-860-6272, or

Sponsorship levels and commitment form:

New Bell Schedule for 2014-2015

The new start and end time of school is 8:55 AM – 4:05 PM. Click here for an schedule of all periods.

Bus stop times can be found here: How to Find your Bus Stop

Sneak Preview/Information Day

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

6th Grade 8:30 am – 10:30 am

7th Grade 11:30 am – 12:30 pm

8th Grade 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm



Affidavit of Residence

6th grade students and new students: 2 proofs of residence are required for the affidavit to be notarized. 6th Grade Affidavit of Residence

7th and 8th grade returning students: proofs of residency are not required if address has not changed. An affidavit must be signed and notarized for all returning students. Notary will be available at no charge. Returning Students Affidavit of Residence
ImmunizationAll students must have a current updated Georgia Immunization Certificate on file.  2014-2015 Immunization Requirements

Student Fees– Hall locker with free agenda: $11. Gym locker: $5. New PE uniform shirt/shorts: $9 each. Used PE uniform shirt/shorts: $3 each. You may also place money in the cafeteria account, purchase a yearbook, obtain bus information, fill out medication forms, and purchase various other optional items. Both checks and cash will be accepted. NO CREDIT OR DEBIT CARDS.

If you are unable to attend Information Day, students will be able to conduct transactions during the first week of school.



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Meet Our New Principal!

Please join us for a Meet and Greet with Chris Shearer, the new Principal at Holcomb Bridge Middle School! Come take a few minutes to say hello and ask any questions you may have about the upcoming year. Hope to see you there!

July 21 – 10:30-11:30 – Northcliff Subdivision – Kristin and Matt Holland
2880 Stoneglen Close, Roswell, GA 30076

July 21 – 5:00-6:00 – Wood Creek Apartments

July 24 – 6:00-7:00 – Champions Green Apartments

July 28 – 10:30-11 – Horseshoe Bend – Emily and John Lee
150 Belmont PL, Roswell, GA 30076

Mr. Vance Named Asst. Principal Of The Year

vanceAssistant Principal Matt Vance was recently named the 2014 Georgia Northeast Learning Community ‘Assistant Principal of the Year’ and was one of the finalists for the designation in all of Fulton County.
“We couldn’t be more proud of Matt Vance,” said Holcomb Bridge Principal Joy Schroerlucke. “Mr. Vance has made a measurable impact at our school for twelve years—and his recognition across all of the Northeast Learning Community is well deserved.”

Read the full article here:

Alice in Wonderland Jr.!

alicejrHBMS Spring Musical
Friday, May 9th at 6:30 pm
Saturday, May 10th at 2:00 pm

Come out and enjoy a performance of Alice in Wonderland, Jr. by HBMS students.
The musical is based on the 1951 Disney film “Alice in Wonderland” and the novels “The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass” by Lewis Carroll.

You are sure to be entertained so come out and support our HBMS students.

Tickets in Advance: $3 for students/$5 for adults
Tickets at the Door: $5 for students/$7 for adults

**Thursday is the last day for advance ticket sales**

A message from

With the rise of the internet, online education has become a more integral part of our higher education system. Top colleges and universities are now offering online options as part of their curriculum. Unfortunately, in the past when students have tried to research the opportunities that are out there for them, there hasn’t been a single place for them to go and find all of the reputable and accredited schools, which are really the only ones that matter.

Because of this, over the past few years the team has dedicated itself to researching, cataloging and publishing a database of every online program offered by an accredited college in the U.S. Our database includes not only a list of institutions and programs, but also in-depth information on each institution, including the specific accreditations that each institution has.

Recently, governmental officials and entities, educational institutions and organizations throughout the US have cited our resource on their websites, enabling students, educators and their families access to our database. Examples include:

United States Senator Roger Wickers, listing us as a “Mississippi Directory of Accredited Online Colleges and Universities”
United State Senator Joe Manchin, listing us as “Accredited Online Colleges and Universities in West Virgina”
State of Wyoming Department of Education, listed us as “Accredited Online Colleges”
University of California, Los Angeles, listed us as “Online Colleges and Universities”

Here are some specific pages on our site that might be of greatest interest to your students.

Volunteer Work Day 2014

Volunteer Work Day
January 29, 2014
8:00am til 2:00pm


Come help support your school by working on various projects including making decorations for the upcoming Taste of Holcomb Bridge.

Stay all day or only for an hour or two. All help is appreciated.

Contact Ms. Rocha at