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HBMS 8th Grade Chorus Honors Servicemen and Women at 9/11 Memorial

September 16, 2014. Roswell, GA. The Holcomb Bridge Middle School (HBMS) 8th grade chorus sang at the “Roswell Remembers” 9/11 Memorial Ceremony, held at the Roswell City Hall on Thursday, September 11. In attendance were members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, members of the American Legion Post, the U.S. Coast Guard Pipe Band (Atlanta Detachment Contingent), the Joint Service Honor Guard, members of the Roswell fire and police departments, and members of the City of Roswell and Roswell Rotary Club. Remarks were made by Georgia State Senator John Albers, City of Roswell Fire Chief Ricky Burnette and other local dignitaries.

“We are honored and humbled to participate in this important ceremony,” said Susan Marsico, Chorus teacher at HBMS. “These students were babies when 9/11 happened. We will never forget 9/11—and it is up to us to ensure future generations do not either,” said Marsico.

Following a moving performance by the award-winning Atlanta Contingent U.S. Coast Guard Pipe Band, 8th grade student Marianne Lamarche read aloud a poem she authored to honor the brave service men and women, entitled “For Me” (text included below). The chorus then performed several patriotic songs, prepared especially for the event. After the event concluded, 8th graders learned about the “Faces of War” Memorial that honors all of our brave American heroes.

Holcomb Bridge Middle School—a school of global classrooms—is located at 2700 Holcomb Bridge Road, Alpharetta, GA. The school has received numerous distinctions, including the prestigious designation of Georgia National Lighthouse School to Watch for being a high-performing school that is academically excellent, developmentally responsive and socially equitable. Holcomb Bridge is also a Georgia School of Excellence and a Distinguished Title I School.  

For Me
By Marianne Lamarche

For me,
You sacrifice your life every day.
You race into a raging fire,
You fight your way through a violent crowd,
You give everything you have to save a life,
For me.
For me,
You let go of everything you need.
Your daughter, she hasn’t seen you since last Tuesday,
Because you’ve been busy fighting for the life of another man’s little girl.
Your wife, she cries in bed worrying about you,
You’re always on her mind.
But you find it in you and stay strong,
For me.
For me,
You wake up at dusk
Long before the sun begins to shine off the morning grass
And put on your uniform,
Never knowing if you’ll come home that night.
To you,
It doesn’t matter how old I am,
If I’m a girl or a boy,
If I’m American or not.
You care about me.
I wonder how you do it.
I wonder how a human being can be that amazing,
That selfless,
That kind,
That courageous.
You are my hero;
You are the reason I wake up and feel safe every day.
Thank you infinitely.
From me, from everyone in the United States.
Thank you for everything you’ve given up
For your friends and family,
For strangers you’ve never met,
For our nation,
And for me.

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